Wait for probe to complete, maintain calm: Aga Mohsin urges people

Terming the Bandipora incident an unpardonable and extremely heinous crime, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) senior leader Aga Syed Mohsin on Friday made a fervent appeal to people not to allow nefarious miscreants to succeed in their divisive agendas and create sectarian divide in Kashmir.

In his message, Aga Mohsin has termed the anger brewing up in the streets as genuine and earnest, stating that every heart and conscience stricken soul is crying for victim’s justice. However, said Mohsin, there are several divisive elements waiting in wings to reap undue benefits from the situation and give this inhuman act a sectarian colour.

Mohsin added that at this crucial juncture, it is the prime responsibility of every saner voice in Kashmir to maintain calm and unity and foil the divisive plans of the vested interests.

The PDP leader urged people to patiently wait till the probe is completed so that unanimously one and all could demand a stern and exemplary punishment to the culprit. “Till then, we have to provide the best example of unity and harmony. Targeting each other on sectarian lines is only going to strengthen the enemy and debilitate the investigation in the case,” Aga Mohsin said.   (PTK)

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