Dr Pratibha Athavale, an Ahmedabad based dentist, representing the ASEEM Foundation, an NGO, conducted dental camps, in the Army Camp Kalapahar. These dental camps were conducted in four locations with each leg over three days. The aim of these camps was to provide dental treatment to the locals of remote and far flung areas.

The fourth and last dental camp was conducted at Bararipura, a remote location, off the main axis from Gingle, with assistance of the Army camp Kalapahar from 13th to 15th April.

The locals were informed about the camp in advance due to which an excellent response was observed. At the three day camp, 107 patients were treated. The treatment included scaling, filling, extraction and other dental procedures. By the end of the third day the locals of Bararipura and adjoining areas were were provided with the much needed dental treatment.

The holding of the dental camps at Sultan Dhaki, Jabla, Chullan and Bararipura was very well appreciated by the locals in which total of 669 patients were treated. Army Camp Kalapahar helped in the smooth conduct of these camps. This was an ongoing effort by the Army and the ASEEM Foundation, to bring relief and smiles to the faces of locals, by treating and educating them about dental care and hygiene.

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