SKIMS celebrated World Head Injury Day today on 20th March

Department of Surgical Emergency, SKIMS celebrated World Head Injury Day today on 20th March, 2019 aimed to create awareness among people of Kashmir, especially young boys to protect themselves and others from Road Traffic Accidents & Head Injuries.

World Head Injury Awareness Day is a public health and awareness campaign that falls on the 20th of March every year. It is meant to raise the awareness of the number of people that suffer from head injuries and educates the public on how head injuries can be prevented. The public health and awareness campaign advocates the correct use of safety devices like seat belts and helmets which play a crucial role in preventing damage to the brain during accidents.

Dr Abdul Rashid Bhat, Professor & Head of Surgical Emergency, SKIMS stressed on the use of Helmets and other safety equipments and said precautions along with patience will go a long way to reduce the burden of Head Injuries in the community that will ensure reduction of death & disabilities in youths of Kashmir. The message on this day is also important since the summer on Kashmir is approaching ahead, when youth will be seen on their motor bikes running racing on roads, he added.

Director SKIMS & Ex-Officio Secretary to Government, Dr Omar Javed Shah said such programs and activities are beneficial and educative for stakeholders. SKIMS always take lead to organize such activities which is crucial part of patient care at SKIMS, he added.

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