PDF castigates NC, PDP for hoodwinking JK people

The Peoples Democratic Front General Secretary Mir Abdul Qayoom has expressed astonishment that National Conference and PDP are hoodwinking people of the state by castigating each other over their failure of governance and ruling the state.

Addressing a convention of workers of Pulwama constituency in Srinagar, the PDF general secretary said that it is unfortunate that the two regional parties under estimate the people of the state who know well how the ruling regimes of NC and PDP were full of mal-governance, bringing mayhem and miseries onto the people.

He said that the two parties have alienated the people of the state, especially the people of south Kashmir from political process.

He said that it is astonishing that the two parties lack courage to accept their failures and wrong doings against people.

He stressed upon the delegates to strengthen their cadres in Pulwama assembly segment to apprise people about mis-governance and failures of NC and PDP regimes.

He said that people of Pulwama are mature to understand failures of PDP, NC and the backwardness wrought upon by the former legislators, adding, that people are yearning for change in the constituency.

“To bring change on ground we need to reach to the people, particularly the youth who have appreciated us from the beginning and cooperated with us, which turned out into electoral support in the last elections,” he said.

He stated that the whole political discourse is changing in the Kashmir valley and some new political developments are in offing which will bring new change in Pulwama as well.

Mir thanked all the workers and delegates for participating in the convention.

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