Kashmir turned into mourning place: JKDFP

Jammu Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (JKDFP) has said that Indian forces killed at least 427 people in Kashmir in 2018, turning the whole dispute region into a morning place. The government forces also injured a huge number of civilians by using blind force against unarmed people and razed hundreds of residential houses to ground in the garb of gunfights and so called search operations.

The JKDFP Spokesperson said in a statement that government forces have been authorized to arrest anyone they like and these forces have filled all the jails in and outside Jammu Kashmir. Frontline and ailing resistance leader Shabir Shah has been placed into jail for advocating Right to Self Determination and hundreds of other political prisoners are also suffering behind bars only for their political ideology.

The JKDFP Spokesperson said that Kashmiri people as a nation are being persecuted by New Delhi and its local agents only because they demand for their rights already accepted and acknowledged by the international community.

However, it is ironical that the whole world has turned deaf ears towards Kashmiri people’s just demands and their agony they face at the hands of India which only speaks military language.

At a time when the whole world is busy celebrating the New Year, Kashmiri people are being maltreated by the men in uniform enjoying impunity laws like AFSPA. This has turned the Paradise on Earth into hell and people living here ask the world powers are not they they members of the world community?

Meanwhile, the Freedom Party Spokesperson strongly condemned the desecration of historical jamia masjid Srinagar and its pulpit by some masked men. He said that these elements are working on the behest of enemy and are hell bent to damage the martyr’s mission.

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