JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik visits Noor Bagh expresses solidarity with the bereaved family of martyr Muhammad Salim Malik…

Innocent martyr Muhammad Salim Malik of Noor Bagh was killed in cold blood by occupational forces. Elections and pro-India parties that participate in this farce exercise are responsible for bringing miseries to us therefore we all should stay away from participating in these elections. This was stated by the chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik while speaking to mourners at Noor Bagh Srinagar today. JKLF chairman along with a delegation comprising of Sheikh Abdul Rashid, Muhammad Sideeq Shah, Bashir Ahmad Kashmiri, Ghulam Muhammad Dar and others reached Noor Bagh and after by passing many hurdles and barricades managed to visit the bereaved family of martyr Muhammad Salim Malik who was brutally killed by trigger happy Indian forces in wee hours of night on 27th September 2018, JKLF chairman met with the bereaved family and expressed solidarity with them. On the occasion a condolence meeting was also held in which people mourning the demise of slain youth participated in large numbers.

While speaking to the people present in condolence meeting, JKLF chairman said that everyone living in the area of Noor Bagh knows that innocent Muhammad Salim Malik was murdered in cold blood by trigger happy Indians who to camouflage this brutal Killing staged a fake CASO, placed Kashmir under shekels of curfew and internet ban and tried to hoodwink public opinion. JKLF chairman said that no day passes in Kashmir when innocent blood is not spilled by colonial forces who have been directed to hold people through force and intimidation. JKLF chairman said that CASO and crackdowns, spree of arrests, slapping  PSA on political activists and shifting them to jails outside Kashmir and choking every peaceful dissent by military and police might has been enhanced by present ruling regime in Jammu Kashmir and all this is being done under the garb of politics, democracy and empowerment of common people. JKLF chairman said that pro-India parties, politicians, elections which they compete against each other are all responsible for bringing miseries and hardships to us. This election drama has always been used by Indian state to hoodwink international opinion, implement black laws like AFSPA, PSA, and disturb area act in Jammu Kashmir and inflict more harm to populace living in Kashmir. JKLF chairman said that Indian sponsored elections, be these for parliament, assemblies, Panchayats or municipalities are against the interests of Kashmiris and detrimental to our sacred cause and it is the duty of every Kashmiri to boycott these and stay away from this evil process.

While expressing his heartfelt condolences and solidarity with the bereaved family of martyr Muhammad Salim Malik, JKLF chairman said that innocent blood is being spilled by Indian forces ruthlessly as these forces are enjoying immunity from persecution and can kill anyone at will. JKLF chairman while condemning these brutalities said that these harsh measures can not deter Kashmiris from pursuing the struggle for freedom and right to self-determination.

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