Supreme sacrifice of Imam I Hussain (RA) and his family a glorious page of Islamic history, the Resistance of the people of Jammu Kashmir is also a continuation of Karbala. No election till right to self-determination should guide us always //

Supreme  sacrifice of Imam I Hussain(RA) and his family at barren land of Karbala is a glorious page of Islamic history that will always remain a source of inspiration for all those who stand against tyranny and oppression. The resistance of the people of Jammu Kashmir is also a continuation of Karbala. No election till right to self-determination shall be our guiding principle. This was stated by the chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik while addressing a Hussaini Majlis at Kathi Darwaza Srinagar today. JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik. JKLF chairman along with a delegation participated in Hussaini Majlis and addressed a gathering there. In his address to people present in the Majlis, JKLF chairman said that battle of Karbala marks a distinction between truth and falsehood and makes us to recall that in the continuing struggle between truth and false, the last victory always belong to the truth. He said that at desolated desert of Karbala nephew of sacred prophet (peace be upon him) and his companions, despite severe thirst, hunger and tiredness resisted the forces of tyranny and oppression and refused to bow before them. This is the main lesson from Karbala that despite all hardships true follower of Imam I Hussain (RA) should never bow before tyrants and should never ever side with those who are oppressing fellow humans. He said that Imam-I-Aali Muqam had two roads ahead of him. One was to compromise and accept the hegemony of falsehood and save his life and the other way was to remain steadfast, challenge the deceit and sacrifice his head and his sacred family. Imam (RA) chose the way of resistance, sacrificed his life and his family and thus became a symbol of resistance and truth for all times and generations to come.

JKLF chairman said that the resistance in Jammu Kashmir is also continuation of Karbala as oppressed people of this land are resisting the forces of evil, tyranny, occupation and oppression from a long time. He said that oppressive forces are operating with impunity in Kashmir and killing, maiming, caging and humiliating humans shamelessly and main objective of these forces is to suppress freedom of humans, subdue their democratic voices and even ban mourning’s.

JKLF chairman said that oppressors have come up with another plan to enhance their tyranny in Jammu Kashmir. Jammu Kashmir is burning and we are receiving the corpses of our young ones on daily basis but the ruling regime just to satisfy its masters in Delhi has announced the Schedule for so-called Municipal and Panchayat Elections. These rulers and their masters have no regret or remorse on ongoing slaughter of Kashmiris but instead want to put our land and lives in more trouble that too in the name of so-called empowerment of masses and democracy. JKLF chairman said that in 2016, these rulers and their stooges made hue and cry over peoples protests halting the examination of students and even held forced examinations using police might. But this time around these rulers not thinking of education sector and the annual examinations of Kashmiri students have announced farce process of elections hence playing with the education and careers of Kashmiri students which is a glaring example of the animosity Indian Occupation has in store against the people of Jammu Kashmir. JKLF chairman said that India is and has always been using this drama as a license to kill, maim suppress Kashmiris and legalize its occupation on this land and it is the duty of every Muslim who loves Hussain (RA) to stay away from this Drama. How can we vote and strengthen those who are killed and maimed our thousands, jailed our young and old including women and are continuing this oppression unabated. How can a Hussaini who loves Imam I Mazloom with core of his heart vote and thus strengthen the hands of oppressors and killers, added JKLF chairman. He said that People of Kashmir have resolved and agreed to a slogan and motive that no election till we achieve right to self-determination and I appeal to every Kashmiri to remember and act according to this slogan and motive and stay away from so-called elections and give a message to the world that Kashmiri will not shy away from any sacrifice for attaining their right to self-determination. On the occasion people present in the Majlis raised enthusiastic slogans in favor of Islam, Azadi, Martyrs, and resistance.   

Meanwhile Police has arrested JKLF district president Ganderbal Bashir Ahmad Rather (Boya). JKLF chairman while condemning this arbitrary arrest has said that this is unacceptable in all respects.

JKLF pays tributes to martyr Ajaz Ahmad Dar

Srinagar//Jammu Kashmir liberation front (JKLF) has paid rich tributes to foremost martyr of present struggle Saheed Ajaz Ahmad Dar. Front has said that Saheed Ajaz Dar wrote a new chapter of resistance with his sacred blood and will be remembered for ever. A delegation of JKLF comprising of leaders JKLF vice chairman Showkat Ahmad Bakhshi, Secretary General Ghulam Rasool Dar Eidhi, Zonal president Noor Muhammad Kalwal, senior leader M Zaman Mir ,zonal general secretary Sheikh Abdul Rashid, Zonal Organizer Bashir Ahmad Kashmiri, along with, Muhammad Sideeq Shah, professor Javed , Ghulam Ahmad Dar,  Muhammad Hussain Aakhoon , Meraj Ud din Parray and others today visited the graveyard of Saheed Ajaz and prayed for his heavenly aboard of the great martyr. While paying rich tributes to the great martyr, JKLF leaders on the occasion said that the struggle and sacrifice of great martyr said that Shaheed Ajaz Dar was and will remain as a symbol of resistance and steadfastness. Leaders also prayed for the speedy recovery of his ailing father who is not well from a long time.

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